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Data Centers are one of the most important assets for a company and require an experienced engineering firm to get the best results. Our company was founded by a group of mission critical experts who understand the complexities of a critical environment. We design data centers that are reliable, efficient and with the necessary power to support your business objectives, now and well into the future.


Our data center design and engineering approach eliminates risk, improves resiliency, and optimizes energy and water usage. This proven approach helps to lower lifecycle costs, and increase a facility's competitive-edge.

Our infrastructure growth strategies diminish latent or stranded capacity, moderate overbuilding, improve utilization, and minimize waste while assuring that your facility can support your IT growth requirements.

We can implement responsive designs that provision power and cooling in scalable units that adapt to changing IT growth needs over a range of power densities, so you get the flexibility you need to adjust to your compute demands.


Prior to starting design, there are multiple decisions that need to be made including - build or lease, site selection, design approach, and the financial payback parameters. Our mission critical experts partner with you to provide a comprehensive analysis so that you can make these decisions with confidence. Our team develops reports that include site feasibility, solution technology, financial viability, facility benchmarks, power quality, and project schedules. All of these services help to maximize value and minimize risk to your core business.

Our consulting services include:
- Site Surveys and Facility  Assessments
- Demand Analysis and Capacity  Planning
- Post-failure Analysis
- Site Feasibility Studies
- Peer Review
- Facility Energy Audits and  Reporting


Our commissioning process begins during the design phase where we review the design and provide input to ensure the systems will support your data center demands and meet your facility goals. We continue to optimize the systems performance  throughout the commissioning process and conduct testing to validate the equipment, so it performs exactly as intended. After commissioning we hold operator training sessions to ensure your systems performance goals are met throughout the life of the facility.

We commission both our own designs and projects designed by other consulting engineers. We also provide enhanced commissioning for LEED certifications.

Data Center Experience

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