Large Confidential Financial Firm Data Center Project

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Karbon provided commissioning services for a new 12,000-SF data center hall located in an existing 36,000-SF building. Our scope of work included:

  • ‍Custom VAV AHUs with air-to-air HX
  • Indirect, evaporative and DX Cooling in N+1 configuration
  • Eight 250 kVA UPS System
  • Two 500 kVA UPS Systems
  • Three 1500 kW Gens in N+1 Configuration

The PLC-based controls were being implemented by a programmer who was inexperienced with mechanical equipment, so we worked closely with the contractor and the start-up teams throughout construction to mitigate any issues before they disrupted the project.

Since the modular UPS system was a first production, the scope also required we simulate summer outdoor air temperatures and humidity conditions during a winter month. We accomplished this by partnering with the mechanical contractor. Together we developed a test rig to recirculate a measured portion of exhaust air into a chamber, heating the air to summer design temperatures and humidity conditions, then back to the outdoor air intake. This solution gave us a steady assessment of each stage of the custom indirect evaporative cooling air handler.

Our collaborative and detailed approach resulted in a successful commissioning effort and project.

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