Corporate Facilities

We work with you to ensure your work environments
run as beautifully as they are designed.

Our Approach

Our corporate office and mixed-use facility approach begins with the occupants experience and comfort in mind. We work with the architect to provide consulting, design, and commissioning services that support the client's corporate goals, including sustainable and energy efficient requirements.


Our planning and strategy are primary building blocks for managing and operating a facility at its optimal performance levels. When it comes to interior spaces, each owner has their own preferences and goals for temperature, lighting, air quality, and energy use. We work with architects to create comfortable spaces where people can work more effectively. Our designs also focus on creating a sustainable environment that is cost efficient for the owner.

Core and Shell

We plan and design each system to support the architect’s vision and owner's needs. A building's MEP/FP system can be a significant portion of the operational costs. Having the right design and systems in place is critical to the building's performance.

We take measures to prepare for long-term operation and opportunities that take advantage of incentives that reward energy efficiency.


Whether its a new system or upgrading an existing one, prioritizing the commissioning early in the construction process is the best way to optimize the building’s performance for the life of the facility.

When equipment operates poorly it can create substantial inefficiencies and unnecessary costs for building owners and tenants. Our proactive approach maximizes the equipment's performance to mitigate these issues and ensure your equipment can support the building as designed.

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