Our Services 

We look to optimize asset value, and increase energy efficiency and reliability in everything we do.


We provide a variety of professional engineering consulting services including, but not limited to, the following:

- Surveys & Facility Assessments
-Demand Analysis & Capacity  Planning
-Post Failure Analysis
-Site Feasibility Studies
-Peer Reviews
-Facility Energy Audits
-Existing Condition Analysis
-Efficiency Optimization
-Order of Magnitude Construction
-Energy Modeling & Analysis

Data Driven Design

Using our data driven design process and managing to our client's objectives, we provide the following design services for greenfield and retrofit projects:

-Prime Consultant Engineering
-MEP/FP Design & Construction
-Concept & Schematic Design
-Design Development
-Construction Documents
-CFD Analysis
-Short Circuit & Coordination Studies
-Arc Flash Analysis
-Underground Conduit Heating


We offer all levels of commissioning and retro-commissioning services including:

-Level 1 - Level 5 Commissioning
-Conduct & Direct Functional Testing
-Develop/Review Contractor MOP's
-Conduct Construction Inspections
-Produce Final Reports
-Training of Operations Staff
-Full-time, On-site Construction
-LEED Fundamental & Enhanced Services
-Near End-of-Warranty Reviews
-Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Testing

Special Inspections

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