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Karbon provided design and commissioning services for two data centers located in Raleigh, NC and Santa Clara, CA. Both are Tier III facilities and have a custom-designed cooling system. The Raleigh facility has a 50,000-SF data lab and the Santa Clara facility is 92,000-SF with 4,500-SF data lab.

The scope of work for both projects involved:

  • ‍Design of new chiller plant
  • Two 700 Ton Units
  • Close-coupled cooling solution for lab space
  • Pumped refrigerant solution
  • 2.4 MW capacity
  • Hot aisle containment

For the Santa Clara facility, the portion of the project to be commissioned was run by the refrigeration equipment manufacturer with no support from the construction team. The custom-designed refrigeration system and evaporative cooler had complications during startup.

To mitigate these issues, we supported the manufacturer throughout startup and worked with the team to resolve the equipment and control complications. We also made numerous test script revisions as sequences of operation were changed. As a result, the project was completed on schedule, with all systems operating properly.

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