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Karbon provided commissioning services for a complete infrastructure upgrade in a repurposed Tier III+ data center that had been idled. The 180,000-SF building had an initial 6,000-SF data hall, with a total of six data halls.

The scope of work involved factory witness testing, writing pre-functional checklists and functional test scripts, construction inspections - including witnessing selected startups, direct and witness functional testing, room validation and integrated systems testing reporting.

New and refurbished mechanical systems were installed and included but were not limited to two 800-ton water cooled chillers, cooling towers, chilled water pumps, CRAH units, air handlers, boiler plant, fuel oil storage, VESDA systems and fire protection.

For the electrical equipment, nine refurbished 480V 1750 kW diesel engine generators were installed along with switchgear equipment, UPS system, and various busways and high resistance ground system.

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