Large Confidential Telecommunication Company Data Center Project

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Karbon is an Alliance Engineering Partner for all telecom and data center facilities in New York and Pennsylvania for a large U.S. based telecom provider. 

Our design and commissioning services include:

  • Conducting studies for arc flash, short circuit coordination, energy efficiency, and expansions
  • Mechanical and electrical design for new builds, expansions and retrofit projects
  • Managed and hired all consultants for each project
  • Fire protection engineering
  • Control system design
  • Commissioning

The scope included numerous BMS replacements in live mission critical environments, retro-commissioning of inoperable systems, a SCADA system replacement with numerous circuit breaker failures and the unavailability of spare breaker parts. To address these challenges and maintain uptime, we had to be flexible and provide on-site staff as needed for overlapping startup and commissioning tasks. We also persistently worked through long-term issues and continued to provide services through closure. To ensure proper systems installation and commissioning we collaborated closely with the contractors, and controls contractor, throughout construction.

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